Monday, January 15, 2007

Shopping and Baking

Green Door

On Friday I visited the Green Door Vegan Variety Store in Kitchener, Ontario for the first time. I have to say it was quite exciting to go to a store and not have to read the labels on every item. Unfortunately I didn't buy a lot of new things to try. They did stock vegan marshmallows and white chocolate chips which I have not seen before except online. But since it is January and my holiday baking excuse has come and gone I decided to pick up healthier treats instead.

G Living

So here is some Agave Nectar and Organic Coconut Oil. I have decided to join the G Living Network. Its a fantastic site with tons of interesting videos and recipes for vegan and raw foodists. Their recipes inspired me to pick up the coconut oil in order to try some of the amazing raw desserts their chefs have posted. I definately recommend checking out this site. You have to email them in order to join but I have found it to be an amazing online resource.

Let's Get Baked

For those of you interested in listening to fun vegan podcasts I suggest checking out Let's Get Baked. Its recorded by two guys in Halifax who interview bands while baking vegan treats. They give you the recipe and then you can listen as they wipe up and enjoy their new creation. This podcast has a fun sense of humour that keeps it entertaining.

Ginger Cookies
Finally, these are the ginger cookies I spoke about in my last post. The recipe came from the December issue of Vegetarian Times. These are amazing and definately worth the cost of the magazine.


Michelle said...

thanks for stopping by my blog :) i didn't know that ruth tal brown was coming out with a new book! that is exciting!

i've been to the Green Door too! you should also check out Full Circle, which is downtown, and the Natural Food Market which is near Weber and Bridgeport :)

VeganLisa said...

Thanks Michelle,
I will definately do that. I will continue to enjoy your posts of Vive recipes and maybe even add some more of my own here.

Thanks for the advice about other local health food stores. Checking out other blogs sometimes makes me wish I had access to places like Trader Joes. So its always good to now what we actually have in our own backyards.