Monday, December 4, 2006

Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint Soymilk is addictive

I will officially be starting my holiday baking tomorrow as I will have a kitchen to myself for 10 days. But in the meantime I have been enjoying the latest product from Vitasoy. If you haven't tried it, please, put down the mouse and go to the store. It is sooooooo yummy. I've had it both warm and cold and enjoy it both ways. However as the temperature in Southern Ontario continues to stay below the freezing mark I find myself craving the hot chocolate version. I usually make my own peppermint hot chocolate using cocoa and peppermint extract but for those days when you just want to pull something out of the fridge this is certainly superior to anything else I've tasted on the market including a soy starbucks version which costs ten times the price. So get out there and enjoy your steaming mugs of steaming peppermint hot chocolate while it remains in stores. I've heard good things about their Holly Nog product as wel.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Convocation in Calgary

Back in Ontario

Hey Everyone,
I made it back to Brampton. The flight was pretty uneventful-which is my favourite kind of flight. My mom picked me up at the tiny Hamilton airport. I love flying in there because you don't have any line ups and the bags arrive almost as soon as you make it to the baggage area.

My sister-in-law and my niece and nephew came to Guelph to pick me up. We played pirates for a while-did you know that sea monsters can actually repair boats as well as break them. I learned that on Tuesday.Yesterday we did lots of ingredient shopping for S. cake, as he will be five years old tomorrow. He picked a lightening mcqueen design from Disney's Cars movie. E. is making it using the recipe from Simple Treats-so the cake will be vegan but not the icing. But I think I might have to experiment with a vegan cupcake recipe this weekend anyway. I have been looking at the pictures in VctotW for far too long now, without actually creating something.

I'm trying to stay focused on work this week but I'm finding that to be a significant challenge. The survey I'm working on has been sent off for translation now. I'm looking forward to shifting into the data collection phase and moving away from the report for a little while. I'm tired of reading my own writing over and over again.It has been nice to see my family, but I'm already missing everyone in Calgary. My friends there are incredible and it certainly makes it hard to be away from them. As for my partner, I just hope the days until his next visit pass quickly.